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Wedding Day Stella Super Sparklers

Wedding day stella super sparklers

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Up until September 2019 the longest length hand-held sparkler legally available in the UK was 45cm (18 inches). These sparklers were often made available as Mammoth, Monster or Mega 18" Sparklers. However, a lax attitude in legislation has permitted the arrival of the mahusive W...

How to Light a Sparkler

How to light a sparkler

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Many people who use sparklers (particularly colour coated sparklers) find them much more difficult to light compared to traditional fused fireworks. It can be even more difficult if you choose cheap sparklers that are made of poor quality materials. Using an inadequate flame source (such as mat...

Wedding Sparkler Buyers Guide

Wedding sparkler buyers guide

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Choosing where to buy your sparklers is an important factor and for a number of reasons. Whether you plan to use them to create a spectacular send-off tunnel or simply as wedding favors, your sparklers should be able to perform as intended. Therefore, we have put together the following buy...

Wedding Sparkler Send Off

Wedding sparkler send off

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The Wedding Sparkler Send Off (also known as the Wedding Sparkler Exit) has been a popular trend for some years now, and one of the most popular ways is leaving the venue through a sparkler lit tunnel. This interactive lightshow is one of the best ways to exit a wedding with style and excitement, le...

Sparkler Chemistry

Sparkler chemistry

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Have you ever wondered what sparklers are made from? Sparklers consist of a mixture of chemicals that are molded onto a stick or wire. These chemicals may be mixed with water to form a slurry that can be coated on a wire by dipping the sticks, or poured into a tube. Once the mixture is dried, you ha...

Sparkler Safety

Sparkler safety

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Sparklers, like any other fireworks, must be used with care. They can get 5 times hotter than a pan of cooking oil and sparkler injuries have been on the increase.Safety with sparklersStore sparklers and other fireworks in a closed box in a cool, dry place.Always light sparklers one at a time and we...